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Seven million people in the western world use Warfarin to treat or prevent internal blood clots from forming and damaging the body. Patients must have regular blood tests at their doctor’s surgery or hospital clinic to ensure they receive the correct dose. Warfarin is affected by food and exercise and incorrect dosage can lead to blood clots forming which can result in a stroke or heart attack, or a life threatening bleed.

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Improving outcomes for patients with stroke and brain trauma.

Dysphagia is the medical term for difficulty in swallowing and is a relatively common complaint amongst inpatients who are admitted to NHS hospitals or chronic care facilities.

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Vitro Safe Systems Limited

vitro safe
Fluctuations in environmental conditions during IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and stem cell procedures can compromise cell viability leading to reduced success rates in the generation of viable embryos and stem cell lines, respectively. IVF and stem cell procedures are traditionally conducted using open fronted laminar flow cabinets that offer poor control of environmental conditions such as temperature and pH.

Compounding this, the open nature of the laminar flow cabinets can lead to contamination of the cells not only by the operator but by volatile organic compounds and microbes that can be of particular concern in sensitive procedures.

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First Step Leg Bath

first leg
Leg ulceration is a common and painful problem that currently affects over 100,000 patients in the UK, and is estimated to cost the NHS more than £400 million a year. Moreover, the management cost of treating these wounds are expected to increase significantly over time, as a result of an ageing population.

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World According to Autism Spectrum Disorder

A diagnosis of autism can mean very different things to different individuals. Exploring what a diagnosis means to the individual, their family and or carers, is often facilitated by some visual aids in line with the preferred learning style of individuals on the autism spectrum.

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The Workdocx locum management system is a new development helping staffing teams to optimise internal resources and cover locum shifts before resorting to the use of external agencies (who add approx. 25-30% on costs).

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Yorkshire Obstetric Forceps

obtetric image
Commercial Opportunity:  Globally 10-15% of births are assisted vaginal deliveries (AVD) using either the forceps or vacuum devices. The forceps device has a higher success rate for AVD. The major drawbacks of the current forceps device are; the risk of trauma to the perineum of the mother and baby due to use of excessive traction force, the device being made of steel and its success being dependent on the operator’s skill and experience.

Whilst the vacuum device been improved over time, there have been no innovative improvements to the forceps devices which have made it through to market for many decades.


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TracheSeal Dressing

A novel dressing for treating wounds which result from temporary tracheostomies. This is the first, dedicated post-decannulation tracheostomy dressing  with an integrated ‘button plate’ enabling easy, accurate and consistent location of the tracheostomy wound and application of pressure to prevent  unwanted air passage.

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New Forest Parenting Programme (NFPP)

The New Forest Parenting Programme began life as a parenting course for the parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This remains it’s primary function but, with the assistance of NHS Innovations South East, NFPP have more recently developed a range of additional resources for parents, teachers and those working with children with ADHD. These include a self-help manual and a DVD entitled ‘Living with ADHD’. Developed in Southampton, the NFPP programme is now available throughout the UK and is being trialled in the United States.

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Gastric Acid Secretion

Commercial Opportunity: Acid secretion in certain circumstances results in the development of duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and reflux oesophagitis. Conversely, impaired or absent gastric acid secretion may predispose to the development of gastric cancer. Traditional tests for measuring acid secretion are invasive, for instance the ingestion of test meals or stimulating acid secretion by injection of histamine or pentagastrin. They have shortcomings as well, for e.g. nasogastric intubation of the stomach and suctioning of acid leads to failure of safety compliances and to inaccuracies arising from incomplete gastric sampling. They are unpleasant for the patient, expensive and time consuming to undertake, requiring skilled technical assistance.

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